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How We Can Help Your MedTech Company


Introduce high return on investment (ROI) marketing


Increase inbound leads and new clients


Boost the overall return on investment (ROI) for marketing

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Is Your MedTech Company In A Constant Struggle To Generate Qualified Leads Online?

When it comes to getting new clients for your MedTech company, search engine marketing is a powerful tool which is often overlooked.

Chances are, you've also put money into SEO or PPC before and received mediocre outcomes, even though the expectations set for you were much higher.

You've probably also experienced one of the following problems:

1. Your MedTech business isn't appearing prominently on Google search results.

2. You've allocated resources towards content and/or paid advertisements without seeing a significant uptick in new clients.

3. The agencies you've collaborated with have made promises they haven't been able to fulfill.

Our Clients Love Working With Us


"Partnering with MEDICASEO for our SEO needs was a game-changer. Their expertise in the medical technology field is unmatched. Within months, we saw a significant increase in our website traffic, leading to a considerable uptick in our services' revenue. Their tailored strategies not only enhanced our visibility but also helped us connect with more patients and healthcare professionals. I highly recommend MEDICASEO for any med-tech company looking to elevate their digital footprint and boost revenue."


"As a startup in the competitive medical technology arena, finding an SEO partner who understands our niche was crucial. MEDICASEO exceeded our expectations, not just by improving our search rankings but by significantly increasing our revenue through enhanced online engagement. Their approach to SEO is both strategic and innovative. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive, and truly invested in our success. A valuable partnership we plan to continue."


"Working with MEDICASEO has been an absolute pleasure. Their deep understanding of SEO and the medical technology industry helped us not only achieve but surpass our marketing goals, leading to a dramatic increase in revenue. They provided us with insightful analyses and strategies that have significantly improved our search engine rankings and online visibility. Their professionalism and dedication are evident in the results. A top-tier SEO company for the med-tech sector, especially if you're looking to boost your revenue."


"MEDICASEO's team brought a level of expertise and passion to our SEO project that was refreshing and incredibly effective. Their commitment to understanding our products and target audience led to innovative SEO strategies that have not only increased our online presence but also significantly boosted our revenue and customer engagement. Their detailed reporting and analysis make it clear they are ahead of the curve in the SEO field, especially within the medical technology industry. An invaluable asset to our marketing efforts."

Here’s How We’ll Get You More Clients

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Efficient Attention Through Paid Advertising

Initially, we establish several paid search campaigns with the aim to pinpoint the keywords that yield the highest quality leads at the minimal cost.By tracking these leads to specific keywords, we gain precise insights into which actions to take for effective scaling.

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Creation of Premium Content

Utilizing the successful keywords, we develop fresh content for your website to kickstart the organic traffic journey.

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Minimize Dependence on Paid Advertising

By continually identifying new keywords, scaling, and transitioning towards organic methods, we aim to construct a system that efficiently discovers the most beneficial keywords.

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Monitor Engagement and Conversions

All activities are rigorously monitored through a lead tracking dashboard.Our experts implement tracking for calls, forms, and website engagement to transparently present your lead generation, traffic flow, and search rankings.

Medical Technology Companies Get More
Market Shares and Clients From Search

We’re not here to bill you for busy work; we’re here to show how strategic SEO can significantly expand market shares and
client bases in the medical technology sector. Witness the potential of expert SEO through these detailed insights,
based on real data analysis. But don’t just take our word for it—let the results illustrate
what could be achieved.

Our Process Works For Any MedTech Company


Medical Devices


Diagnostic Equipment


Wearable Health Technologies




Health IT Solutions






Regenerative Medicine

Why Work With Us

As a medical technology company, we understand your focus—securing qualified leads. You're not just looking for rankings, traffic, or any leads. You need QUALIFIED leads that are ready for engagement and conversion. Everything we do is aimed at optimizing your campaigns to generate substantial new business opportunities, ensuring your efforts are concentrated on serious prospects, not tire kickers.

A Dedication to Excellence

Success hinges on surpassing the rest, which is why we place such a strong emphasis on flawless execution.

Full-Service White Glove Treatment

You have enough on your plate, so we take care of all the details for you. We ensure you’re informed and involved without burdening you with the hard work.

Constantly Accessible

We remain on call for our clients at all times. Our consultants conduct regular status meetings to discuss progress and evaluate outcomes.

Industry Acknowledged Specialists

We are true specialists, backed by extensive experience and a proven record of success. We not only preach excellence but also practice it—and excel at it.


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Meet A Part Our Team

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Adenike Christin

Head of Marketing

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Lina Verbena

Head Of Content

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Concha Olga

Key Account Manager

Ready For More Leads And Sales?

We'll guide your company through a strategy to secure more clients via search engines.

Here’s What We’ll Cover On The Call...

Market Analysis

An evaluative analysis of your competitors and overall market potential. We will demonstrate the available traffic and leads specific to your company.

Growth Potential

Immediate opportunities that you can capitalize on to boost your organic and paid rankings on Google. For each dollar invested in search marketing, we'll demonstrate its effect on your lead generation.

A Strategy Blueprint

A comprehensive strategy roadmap, ready for implementation, that includes everything required to generate more leads from search engines. This roadmap details the scope of work, investment required, and the timeline to see results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our services begin with predefined packages at a base rate of $5,000 monthly. The final cost, however, is tailored to the specific requirements necessary to achieve desired outcomes for your website. To obtain a precise quotation for your business, we recommend scheduling a free consultation call.

Typically, clients begin to observe positive outcomes within a span of 90 days. Nonetheless, the exact duration can vary based on your website's present status with search engines and the extent of efforts required to enhance your website's position with Google. To receive a precise estimate of the timeframe applicable to your business, please arrange a consultation with one of our analysts.


No, lengthy contracts are not a part of our agreement. Should our services fail to meet your standards, you have the freedom to terminate our partnership at any moment. Our approach is centered around short-term "Sprints" rather than enduring contracts, aiming for immediate results. Each sprint is characterized by a specific objective and defined beginning and end dates. This method proves to be both quicker and more economically efficient. When you achieve success, so do we.